Meet The Team

Heal Marketplace

We're dedicated to providing our Members with the highest quality Herbal Extracts, Teas and Nature's SuperFood. We use the highest quality herbs available in all our herbal formula.

Herbal Quality

H.E.A.L. Marketplace uses only the highest quality Herbs available. We insist on Organic & Wild Crafted Herbs in all of our Extracts, Teas & Herbal Combinations

Heal is a Private Association

For your protection and ours, you must be a member to order items through us. Why a Private Association?

Other Staff

Dara Dietz

Manager H.E.A.L. Marketplace

Hoping that together we can make a difference. That tomorrow will be even better than today for you and yours.

Michael Dietz

Shipping and Warehouse Manager

Making sure products are shipped in a timely fashion for everyone!

King Whitey & Precious

The Guard Dogs

Our guard dogs, driveway alarms & doorbell.