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Welcome to HEAL. We are here to help you learn about natural healing so that you may take charge of your health. The information contained in these pages will teach you how to change your lifestyle to create a healthy environment in which disease will not live.

We have taken the knowledge that we have gained from the study of natural healing, and our hands-on experience curing diseases that were said to be incurable, and have tried to share the best of this information with you.

We are a private Natural Healing Assn dedicated to providing members with the highest quality  Information and Herbal Formulas.  In our quest to provide the highest quality information we have  developed our Members only section. 

Inside H.E.A.L. Members will find:

  1. Graphic instruction on how to do all parts of the incurable program.
  2. We have provided an interactive daily schedule. (For those wondering how to incorporate all the routines needed for their program into their daily life.)
  3. A disease list with advice from leading Herbalist for each item.
  4. List of Most commonly used herbs with detail descriptions.
  5. HEAL Classroom and Cleansing E-Books providing detailed instruction for doing the cleansing programs.
  6. Members are encouraged to share their Testimony our Message board

We have found our Members to be self educated seekers of Natural Healing Truth. We are dedicated to assisting them in anyway we are able.  The methods we advocate and put out in our website are for the serious thinking student.  We are not here to tell you how to live but to provide you information so you can make informed decisions on how you want to live.  We value our right to choose an alternative to Westernized Medicine.  With the same passion we value the rights of others to choose for themselves what is right for them.  We are here to provide the best information so our Members can make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

 If you are seeking serious answers then you have come to the right place.  We do not claim to know it all but will give you the best we can find.  As we find valuable information worth adding we will be updating this area.

By voluntarily pressing the "Join Now!" button you are hereby joining this association of your own free will and are exercising your right to associate with others who share common interests. By accepting membership in the H.E.A.L. Association you hereby waive any claim of liability against H.E.A.L., its membership, or its sponsors, for any educational material, herbal products, consulting, or any other goods or services provided to you by H.E.A.L., which either fail to work as claimed, or which may cause any injury or damage.

The applicant, by clicking "Join Now!" button below, acknowledges that he/she is responsible for their own use or misuse of any or all advice, herbal products, health products, educational materials, product packaging, or health treatments, directly or indirectly provided to them by H.E.A.L., its members, or sponsors. The applicant also specifically agrees that he/she will not resell or give away any herbal product obtained from H.E.A.L. to other non-members of this association. If a minor is involved, his/her responsible guardian has taken responsibility for agreeing to these terms, and membership in the H.E.A.L. Association on behalf of said minor.

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