Health Through Nutrition

The Healing Capability of The Body

Is there such a thing as an incurable disease? From a medical standpoint many diseases are incurable. The only reason some diseases are deemed incurable by the medical profession is because they have yet to get out of the body's way and let it work in restoring itself to health. They have yet to learn about removing the cause. The medical profession is bent on "curing" the body. This is done by providing symptomatic relief. In so doing, they not only hinder all or most healing activity of the body, but actually produce a more stressful condition for the body, lowering its immune system, leading to a more serious diseased condition.

This body is not designed nor programmed to be diseased. It does not know how to be diseased. The only thing the body knows is survival. Disease is the body's effort at surviving in the face of violations of natural laws that govern the body.

If the body has the intelligence to produce a disease, it is capable of reversing the process to return to health once the cause is removed. Disease is a compensation or reaction to a wrong committed. The body holds on to the disease in order to survive in the face of the violation of a natural law which continues to be committed. The removal of the violation - physical or emotional - then would allow the body to withdraw its survival mechanism and return to health. The longer the body has had to be in a survival mode the longer it will take to return to health.

Since the body is programmed and knows only health, it is absurd and narrow-minded to state that the body cannot return to health (that a disease is incurable). The only limitation to the body's return to health is the limitations we put on the body, both out of ignorance and indifference.

All diseases are curable by the body by adhering to natural healing-principles. Some people find themselves diseased, change to a natural living lifestyle and do not gain total health, some even die of the disease. This is for one or both of two reasons:

In attitude they were not ready for the responsiblity of health, were not willing to learn the lesson for which the disease was a symptom.

The disease process had such a momentum going that not enough time was available for the sick, toxic, inefficient body to utilize the newly introduced nutrients and energies for reversing the disease before the disease killed the body. Remember it is the body's action or utilization of the nutrients for healing, not the nutrients' action on the body.

How Long to Health?

Just as the body does not get toxic and diseased overnight, it also cannot "clean house" and rebuild itself overnight. A person may spend years tearing their body down and filling it with toxins, so an immediate healing is impossible. It is doubtful if anyone can become totally healthy within one year no matter how dedicated one is to healthful living and eating. Those using a "transition diet" approach are looking at several years until health returns, providing their "transition diet" is continually upgraded. However, many improvements in the body's health take place along the way to give encouragement to continue pursuing a health-producing lifestyle.

Factors Influencing The Length of Healing Time

How Quickly One Adopts Healthful Living Habits

  • Proper exercise
  • Adequate rest/sleep
  • Pleasant surrounding/environment
  • Sunshine
  • Nutritious dietary intake
  • Positive mental attitude

How Quickly One Does Away With Wrong Habits

  • Elimination of those things which made the body diseased
  • e.g.: stresses, stimulants, toxins, etc.

The Overall Level of Vitality of the Body

This Is Dependent On:

  • Degree of Degeneration of the Body
  • Level of Acidity of the Body Cells
  • Amount of Accumulated Toxins in the Body

The Amount oF "Want To" One Possesses

  • self discipline, determination, desire to be healthy

Degree of Freedom From Pent-Up Emotional Scars and Energies

Lack Of Ongoing Emotional/Mental Anxiety

Amount Of Worry And Anxiety Over The Healing Process

  • Lack of understanding of true healing

Spiritual Alignment

Attempts To "Help Out" Nature With The Healing Process

- 'treating' symptoms arising due to true healing process using 'natural' and unnatural remedies to 'promote health' Generally it takes one year of healing for every seven years of living a toxic lifestyle.

The Benefits Of Juicing Juices

Commercially produced juices are pasteurized (dead) and contain some or all of the following: Sugar (dextrose, fructose, corn syrup), food colorings, preservatives, synthetic vitamins, salt, other additives.

Health food store brands generally are pasteurized, but are otherwise fine.

The best juice is freshly made and diluted 25-50% with distilled water. Freshly made, full strength juice is concentrated and should not be considered a drink, but a meal. (See JUICING below).


Everyone can benefit from juice regardless of the physical condition. Ideally, we would receive all our nutrition from our raw fruit and vegetable diet and thus, juicing would not be necessary. But because:

  • We do not eat almost totally raw foods.
  • The quality of the fresh produce is low.
  • The stress we live under affects assimilation of raw produce.

Juicing, therefore, is a great means of filling the gaps as listed above. It can be likened to getting healing nutrients "wholesale", in that in the juiced form they are so easy to assimilate. All should consider purchasing a juicer, and engage in the drinking of raw fruit and vegetable-juice for the following reasons:

Juiced foods require little or no digestion; thus, the healing nutrients of the raw fruits and vegetables are readily available for assimilation. Therefore, the overall healing process is made much more efficient, in that most people's digestive systems are so toxic and inneficient that their ability to break down raw fruits and vegetables is greatly hampered. (Cooked and processed foods are partially broken down before they are consumed.) The paradox is that raw foods provide the nutrients which heal the body, including the digestive system itself.Yet a sick digestive system is unable (to various degrees) to digest the food that will heal it. Digestive enzyme supplements are suggested in this case, and juicing will further remedy this situation.

Juicing will serve to motivate one to continue on with the proper diet, as he sees the results through juicing.

A glass of raw juice is the best "multivitamin/mineral supplement" money can buy. If you are concerned that you are not getting all the nutrients out of raw fruits and vegetables that you need, or you are just beginning to change your diet and want to increase your healing rate, drink at least a glass of raw juice daily. A 4-8 ounce glass of raw fruit or vegetable juice is like gold to your body. It provides not only all of the healing nutrients that have been isolated, but also all of those that man has yet to discover. It provides them in their living, organic, alkaline, whole, complete, balanced form. It is important to remember that juicing has a concentrating effect on the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. A glass of juice can (and should) be considered to be a meal in itself. (When juicing, take note of the quantity of fruits or vegetables used to make a glass of juice. Could you eat that much in one sitting?) Therefore, when juicing, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Sip - drink slowly - a glass of juice. This allows for better assimilation.
  • Drink the juice alone, not with solid food. Because juice is a concentrated food, a meal in itself, taking it with food would way overload the digestive system and defeat the purpose for drinking it. Allow at least one hour after drinking a glass of juice before eating any food, and until you are hungry.
  • Likewise, do not drink juice until your stomach is empty after eating a meal or snack.
  • Do not combine fruits and vegetables. As these require different digestive processes, fruits need to be separated from vegetables.
    • All fruits may be mixed together.
    • All vegetables may be mixed together.
    • All melons may be mixed together.
  • Exceptions: Lettuce and celery can be combined with either fruit or vegetable juice. Apples will mix with vegetable juices (this helps to sweeten).
  • When making vegetable juice, make it predominately (80+%) either:- carrot juice, or- tomato juicemixing with these other vegetables as desired - celery, cucumbers, green peppers, etc. While vegetables generally do not contain as high amounts of glucose as fruits, carrot juice and tomato juice are both relatively sweet, and will carry the taste of other nutritious vegetables if mixed in.
Some books on juicing are: Raw Juice Therapy by John B. Lust; Thorsons Publishers LTD, 91 St. Martins Lane, W.C.Z. London Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices - What's Missing In Your Body? by Norman W. Walker; O'Sullivan Woodside & Co. 2218 East Magnolia, Phoenix, AZ 85034 The Complete Raw Juice Therapy by Susan E. Charmine; Baronet Publishing Co. NY, NYsetstats